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National Policy on Education

Educational policy and progress have been reviewed in the light of the goal of national development and priorities set from time to time. In its Resolution on the National Policy on Education in 1968, quality improvement and a planned and more equitable expansion of educational facilities and the need to focus on the education of girls were stressed.
About a decade and a half later, the National Policy on Education (NPE-1986) was formulated, which was further updated in 1992. The NPE 1986 provides for a comprehensive policy framework for the development of education upto the end of the century and a Plan of Action (POA) 1992, entrusting specific responsibilities for organizing, implementing and financing its proposals.

Anna University Quality Policy

Raising the quality of education and maintaining the University as an effective human resource development institution under all changing conditions. Contributing to the growth of technical education and upholding the highest ethical and professional standards. Serving society to lead to its enrichment and advancement Discharging duties and obligations to the students and staff efficiently. Improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System continually.